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Free NCVT Computer and Retail Management Courses

What is NCVT?

NATIONAL COUNCIL FOR VOCATIONAL TRAINING (NCVT) aims at creating opportunities for low cost, market oriented professional training with maximum practical exposure. In order emphasize on Skill Development of the deprived children, especially those with poor educational qualification and background; very few opportunities for skill development are available. Most of the existing Skill Development programmes are long term in nature. Poor and less educated children cannot afford long term training programmes due to high entry qualifications criteria and high training cost. Therefore a new framework for skill development for the informal sector has been evolved by the DGET, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India under the umbrella of NCVT. Following are the highlights of the project:

  • Central government recognized certificate courses.
  • Monetary support from central and state government.

Benefits of NCVT certificate:

If you have NCVT certificate,you can:

  • Get loan for self employment
  • Get registered in Employment exchange
  • Get rewarded with a Government Certificate for your skills
  • Get preference in jobs (Govt & pvt. jobs)

What is MES & SDI schemes?

MES is new Scheme recently started by DGET New Delhi. The objective of the scheme is to provide vocational training to school leavers, existing workers, etc. to improve their employability by optimally utilizing the infrastructure available in Govt., private institutions and the Industry. Existing skills of the persons can also be tested and certified under this scheme.

SKILL DEVELOPMENT INITIATIVE (SDI) Scheme is a five year project during which one million persons would be trained or their existing skills tested and certified under Modular Employable Skills (MES) framework. Ministry of Labour & Employment has developed MES framework for skill development for early school leavers and existing workers, especially in the un-organised sector in close consultation with industry, micro enterprises.

Objectives of NCVT certified VTP:

Ministry of labour & Employment under look development of a new strategic frame work for Skill development for early school leaves and existing workers, especially in unorganized sector in close consultation with industry, Micro enterprises in the organized sector state government experts and academic which was essential considering their educational, social and economic background.

Key features of the scheme:

  • MES training, NCVT certification and reimbursement of fees are given to successful eligible persons.
  • Flexible delivery of training programmes (part time, weekends, fulltime, onsite/offsite) to suit needs of various target groups.
  • MES training will be provided by Industry and training institutes under public and private sector.
  • Short term training courses based on Modular Employable Skills (MES) decided in consultation with Industry.
  • Courses are also available for persons having completed 5th standard.
  • Persons who have already acquired certain skills through years of work but with no formal certification would also be able to get their skills tested and certified under this scheme.
  • Testing of skills of trainees would be carried out by independent assessing bodies.
  • The essence of the scheme is in the certification that will be nationally & internationally recognized.
  • The test fee ranges from Rs.500/- to Rs.800/- depending on the sector and course.

Who can apply:

  • Workers seeking certification of their skills acquired informally
  • Workers and ITI graduates seeking skill up-gradation
  • Early school drop-outs and unemployed
  • Previously child labour and their families
  • Trained candidates who do not have formal certification

Age of participants:

The minimum age limit for persons to take part in the scheme is 14 years but there is no upper age limit.